“One must build for the human being, that he might rediscover in the architectural construction the joys of self-fulfillment in a whole that extends and completes him.”
Eileen Gray (1929)

I am all about family, friends and a little alone time. I believe a well designed home can accommodate all of these things. Your home should work for you now and should be able to change as your needs change. 

Coming in at the planning/construction stages allows me to figure out the most efficient way to keep your house growing with you.  I love the character of old houses and I relish the challenge of honoring the past while making the spaces current.  I love new construction for the ease of allotting space for your current and future needs, but I also love the challenge of giving new space warmth and life.  Sometimes a little refresh of your existing space is all that is needed to make a big difference in your life. 

Organization at the macro and at the micro level gets me excited.  Let me help you figure out your closets and your kitchen, your mudroom and your desk space.  Styling your shelves and setting your table lets friends and family know that you care and I can show you how to do it.

Layering your lighting to be there for reading the fine print or to create ambiance is what I do.

Selecting the  sofa that the kids and dogs can jump on, you can nap on and then you can entertain your friends on is what I do.

Turning your family room into a roller rink and then a movie theater and then a homework spot and then a cocktail party is how I think.

I am about creating the best experience for you in your home.

Five fun facts about me…

  1. I once hula hooped a half marathon with 8 other women.

  2. hydrangeas may be my favorite flower until the peonies bloom or i smell a magnolia blossom.

  3. before getting a degree in interior design, i completed degrees in chemistry & philosophy.

  4. My favorite foods are pizza and chocolate chip cookies

  5. i like to bask in slivers of sunshine